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Sales training

Successful selling


“Professional indoor and external selling”


A. Basis and analysis for successful selling

  1. The triumvirate of successful customers orientation
  2. The sales guidance FFB
  3. Customers value
  4. Product quality characters
  5. Service quality
  6. Customers analysis
  7. Competition analysis
  8. SWOT-analysis

B. Types of salesmen/saleswomen and customers

C. The professions of a salesman/saleswoman

D. The characteristics of a successful salesman/saleswoman

E. Salesmanship

  1. Sales conversation
  2. Questioning techniques
  3. Price talk
  4. Customer´s complaint reaction
  5. Telephone selling

F.  Rhetoric

G. Body language

H. Sales psychologie

I.  Successful conduct of negotations Customers management