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“Mission Statement”

Ideals are like stars. You cannot reach them, but you can orient yourself with them.”

(Carl Schurz)


 Our “starry heaven” is the office; our passion is the logistical aspects of the work. With our “hand tools” (telephone and computer) we set the bar in competence, quality, and dependability. We offer you trade know-how as well as language ability. Professionalism, hard work, and personal service—these are the hallmarks of our work.


Our Capability Characteristics:




 We treasure our customers with their cultural background, personal expectations, and individual wishes. As the customer desires, we offer you exactly that which you really need. No more, no less. But always actively involved and highly-motivated!




 Working together closely is extraordinarily important to us. That is why we only accept as many customer contract(s) as we can personally care for. Competent + reliable—and above all, very professional. You will always have your point of contact in Germany on whom you may rely!




We know what we can offer and don’t promise anything that we can’t provide. We leave unrealistic dreaming, which costs much time and money, to others. We prefer working together with you on experiencing sustainable, realistic success; of course upon a result- and success-oriented base. On the path to success you need the right partner!


The work that makes us tired is the work we put-off—not the work we do.”

(Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)