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“About Us”

The horse complained to the goat, “The farmer is wearing me out!” To which the goat replied, “Write a letter to the Animal Protection Agency!”—“Are you crazy?” cried the horse. “When the farmer notices that I can write, I will have to do all his paperwork, too!”


It’s good to know there are specialists for paperwork. Specialists on site in Germany that can work in multiple languages. And thanks to electronic mediums, are always nearby!


Are you looking for a professional partner in Germany that can actively support the construction of your sales or purchasing office on site? Are you looking for a bilingual Office Service Provider who will take over the logistics of your business within Germany and effectively unburden you of your administrative duties?


The cruxes of our operation are strategic partnerships not only with corporate clients in the Office and Secretarial realm, but also in Marketing and Distribution. Our method is geared toward long-term, sustainable success on site in Germany.


Because of modern task distribution, together we are more successful! A true win-win situation.


On the path toward success you need the right partner!”