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Marketing Service

He who stops advertising to try and save money could just as easily stop his clock to try and save time.”

(Henry Ford)


To support your Marketing + Sales needs, we oversee tasks in communications with your business partners in Germany. We organize your new customer acquisitions and/or handle customer care on site. For good communication is the crux of every successful business relationship.


Services offered :


  • Blurbs for snail mail, fliers, ads, websites, etc.

  • Online editing of newsletters, internet forums, blogs, communities

  • Editorial texts for Public Relations

  • Follow-up on queries, offers, fair/ trade-show contacts, and snail mail

  • Tele-marketing (acquisition, stock-holder care)

  • Multi-lingual customer care by phone, letter, email, internet

  • Arrange appointments for salesmen or resellers

  • Procure sales-relevant information (i.e.: internet research)

  • Plan and follow-thru marketing and sales campaigns

  • Sales supervision




We bring your ideas on paper and in the ears of the public in Germany!”