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“Back Office”

The salesman in the computer business raved, “This is the newest model. This computer takes half of your work away in the blink of an eye!” The customer nodded appreciatively, “Half of the work, great. Then I will take two!”


Unfortunately, we also cannot take away the entire workload; but we can take a great deal of the office work in Germany.


To support you in management and administration, we take on tasks for you that your branch in Germany accrues. We will gladly organize your purchasing or sales office! We make ourselves familiar with your products and/or services and together successfully put your ideas into practice on site.


Good teamwork is a milestone of success—and we speak your language!


Services offered :


  • Multilingual verbal and written customer care

  • Write-up, review, and send contracts, and if necessary call-back (i.e. offers, order confirmations, delivery notices, invoices)

  • Order transactions, confirm contracts, and review initial invoices

  • Process customer inquiries and editing

  • Send ads, flyers, and outgoing mail

  • Write reminders and call-back as occasion requires

  • Process and distribute incoming mail

  • Manage deliveries, sales- and business partners

  • Implement purchasing-/sales- project research

  • Prepare meetings, conferences, fairs/trade shows, and exhibitions

  • Lead business discussions as well as negotiations



Your relief is our goal!”