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“Training New Employees”

When you want to build a ship, don’t trumpet people together to supply wood, give out assignments, and divide the work; instead teach them to desire the deep, endless sea.”

(Antoine de Saint- Exupéry )


An important social responsibility is the training of qualified junior staff. We would like to offer our services in this effort. Since 2009 we are one of the IHK approved and recognized companies to take on trainees in Germany for financial office occupations.

We consider ourselves a dual partner that takes their responsibility very seriously. It is a particular concern to us that, next to valuable key qualifications (trade-, method-, and social competence), we impart values such as hard-work, honesty, dependability, and a sense of responsibility. We want to be an example in this manner and lead our trainees to this same high standard of quality. And of course accomplishing this in a learning-friendly work atmosphere, where they are treated as equal partners and given real chances and prospects for their professional future.